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Norfolk Nurture Hub

The Norfolk Nurture Hub is a three-year pilot project run by nurtureuk designed to support and re-engage children at high risk of exclusion, while still accessing education in their school. 

We are currently offering two programmes whose foundations find themselves in the six principles of Nurture. Based on Boxall Profile Online assessments, sessions are built on children’s individual developmental needs with the aim to improve their fundamental characteristics of learning, and help children maintain their school placements.

Inclusion Support Solutions

The nurtureuk East team offer Inclusion Support Solutions (ISS) packages that embed nurturing culture and ethos in schools to improve the social, emotional and mental health and wellbeing of pupils, while improving the wellbeing of all staff in schools.


Courses & Training

The nurtureuk East consultancy team offer a wide range of training for education specialists to support the whole school nurturing culture and ethos through the skills and expertise of our locality consultancy team.

All sessions can be booked for your whole setting and/or cluster or you can join us at the hub to attend our training courses.


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There are over 10,000 children and young people in Norfolk schools with diagnosable mental health difficulties who are currently not identified or appropriately supported.