Boxall Profile Online – A whole school approach for SLT

This training will show delegates how to use the Boxall Profile Online data for Classes / Cohorts / Key Stages and whole School. We will focus on using the overviews within school and how flexible they can be, bespoke to your requirements. We will look at how we can make whole school screening achievable, so every member of staff can understand the developmental, social, emotional, behavioural and cognitive skills of each pupil.

This course will help with:
  • Introduction to using the Boxall Profile Online and implications in school to consider understanding of level of needs across the whole school
  • Early identification ensures proactive response through early intervention
  • Long-term approach when allocating resources and planning interventions
  • A tool to measure impact over a period of time
  • Data to support progress (Pupil progress meetings, performance management, Ofsted etc)
Delegates will be:
  • Learn how to create a plan to implement a whole-school approach that is achievable
  • Learn how you can use Boxall Profile data to make the classroom more inclusive and support individual needs
  • Explore the benefits of whole-school screening and how it can benefit the school culture
Who should attend?
Anyone who wishes to learn how to implement a whole school approach to measuring the wellbeing of all pupils.
  • Senior leadership teams
  • SENDCos

Upcoming courses

This course will run again in the summer term. You can also arrange this training in your school or cluster.

Booking: If you are interested in booking this course, please email: for further details.