Whole-School Nurturing Approach (WA)

Whole-School Nurturing Approach

£2,300 pa + VAT

The whole-school nurturing approach is an alternative and in-depth option to the National Nurturing Schools Programme (NNSP) delivery course model. It involves more whole staff delivery and access to targeted training and support, as highlighted in the most recent DFE ‘Guidance for schools, mental health and behaviour in schools’.

With the support of your key consultant, your school will be able to identify ways in which the six principles of nurture can be better understood and most importantly embedded across the whole school: pupils, parents, teachers and community.

Annual subscription entitles you to receive:

  • Five days of consultancy support including a half day for initial audit and a half day end of year review
  • Access to the National Nurturing Schools Programme toolkit framework
  • Free access to Boxall Profile Online
  • Free access to nurtureuk local network meetings

To find out more or book a consultant visit please email: admin@norfolknurturehub.org