N1 – Essential Core Programme

N1 – Essential Core Programme

The Essential Core Programme is fundamental for your school’s journey towards improving mental health and wellbeing for all pupils and staff. It provides a minimum set of actions needed to tackle the developmental and behavioural needs of your pupils. As part of the Essential Core Programme, each year you will benefit from free access to Boxall Profile Online™ to assess your whole school population and have a clear overview of the level of support needed in your school in terms of cognitive, social, emotional and behavioural needs of pupils. Throughout the year you are part of the nurtureuk network and have full access to our services at a member rate. For the most disengaged and troubled children and young people with significant behavioural barriers to engagement and attainment in school, you will have the opportunity to access level N5 Intensive Support Services and, based on your location, potential access to level N6 Boxall Nurture Hub®.

Our vast experience in working with schools to embed nurture in education has shown us that every school has different needs and priorities. To improve the support we can offer for differing levels and types of need we have developed more bespoke services. To access any of the levels N2 to N5 or a combination of these, schools will need to purchase level N1 The Essential Core programme. To benefit from level N6 Hub Boxall Nurture GroupTM, the schools will need to have purchased levels N1 and N5. As you assess, plan, implement and review your progress each year, in discussion with your dedicated consultant you may want your progress to be recognised and therefore apply for the National Nurturing School Award for your school* or the Marjorie Boxall Quality Mark Award for your nurture group*

*resources are not included in the price of the level

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