N5 – Intensive Support Solutions

N5 – Intensive Support Solutions

child in crisis • parent carer and/or family in crisis • school in crisis

N5 Intensive Support Solutions is the answer when the child, the parent and the school are under high

pressure because of the social, emotional and mental health and wellbeing needs being faced.

Intensive Support Solutions Package comprises a range of individual services that can be accessed

by the school. The Hub team of experts in nurture or external partners will work with you to provide the

specialist guidance needed to address needs and overcome your crisis.


  • the child or young person attends the Hub for a short-term intervention
  • the school and family meet at the Hub rather than the school premises as the dedicated consultant mediates all the meetings
  • multi-agency meetings may take place at the Hub
  • external partners such as therapists working with the child

*This service is not available in all localities. Please contact us for your closest hub.

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