N6 – Hub Boxall Nurture Group™

N6 – Hub Boxall Nurture Group™

During the child’s attendance in the Hub Boxall Nurture Group™ the staff of the nurture group actively

support children’s needs by working directly with a small group of children ensuring targeted support and

that their needs are addressed. Our Boxall Nurture Group™ team members are outstanding professionals,

experienced nurture practitioners, Theory and Practice of Nurture Groups certificate holders.


There are five prerequisites for a child attending the Hub Boxall Nurture Group™:

  • the referred child remains on the school register
  • the school is fully committed to work closely with the Hub Boxall Nurture Group™ team
  • the school must have accessed N5 Intensive Support Solutions
  • attend a transition planning meeting with the nurtureuk team and dedicated consultant
  • the school signs a separate agreement that the child will return to the school

*N6 is not available in all locations. Please check for more information in the Service Level Agreement document.

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