The Boxall Nurture Hub®

Boxall Norfolk Nurture Hub® – A Centre of Inclusion for All


The Norfolk Nurture Hub® is the first alternative provision of its kind. Based on, and guided by, the six principles of nurture that have underpinned the nurturing approach for over 40 years, nurtureuk has developed this project to provide a wholly inclusive solution to the growing educational crisis currently sweeping through the education system. Exclusion rates are growing desperately high, in the 2015/2016 academic year, Norfolk local authority was noted as having the second highest rate of permanent exclusions in the UK.1 At present, there is no adequate provision meeting the needs of Norfolk’s most vulnerable young people, nurtureuk has been using the evidence we have gathered, commissioned and supported to devise the UK’s first Boxall Nurture Hub®.

The Norfolk Nurture Hub® provides inclusive interventions to benefit children struggling with social, emotional and mental health issues. It is a safe place where children, parents and schools can access training, consultancy and support to prevent exclusion and better understand the needs of vulnerable children and young people.

Inclusion Support Solutions (ISS)

The Hub offers a local Norwich training base, offering training (both local bespoke courses and national nurtureuk courses) and a school support programme known as Inclusion Support Solutions (ISS). We will be working with children, schools and families to support them.

For the most vulnerable children, there will be high level attachment interventions and therapies available on one-to one support basis, provided by highly skilled educational psychologists.

Schools benefit from specialist outreach consultancy services tailored to suit the needs of the pupils in their school, ensuring every child’s learning is understood developmentally. Parents access workshops and one to-one support to equip them with the tools to understand and work with their child’s behaviour.

Why Norfolk?

Norfolk has the highest rates of child poverty and children living in income deprivation households in Norfolk, with the highest number of homeless families and the highest level of children living in workless households in the county.

There are over 10,000 children and young people in Norfolk schools with diagnosable mental health difficulties who are currently not identified or appropriately supported.

This project will create a centre of excellence in Norfolk, upskilling teaching staff to understand children better, and unlock the barriers to learning that fuel antisocial behavioural traits. The Norfolk Nurture Hub® will be self-funding by the end of year three, producing a model of intervention and alternative provision that can be replicated throughout the country.