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Get Involved

Your opportunity to support vulnerable children in Norfolk by ending the high levels of exclusion from mainstream education.

We need YOUR help

To meet the extensive need in Norfolk , we need your help. Schools sit at the heart of every community, and with your support, we can transform communities in Norfolk.

Together we will break cycles of low achievement, we will reduce antisocial behaviour and we will help our children and young people to flourish into ambitious, confident and resilient young people for years to come. We estimate that after the first three years of running the Boxall Nurture Hub®, the project will be self-funding through nurtureuk’s traded services, pupil premium and other statutory funding, but right now to run the pilot Hub for three years, we need to raise £250,000. Please consider becoming our partner to change the lives of young people in Norfolk Your support will ensure that no child in Norfolk fails through lack of nurture or educational opportunity.

Funders’ shopping list

  • £25+ will fund a selection of educational materials (books, nurture room resources)
  • £600 will fund annual continuing professional development for one staff member or statutory training for a teaching assistant l £16,000 will fund the salary for one teaching assistant for one year
  • £40,000 will fund the rental cost of the hub premises for the duration of the three year pilot, or the salary of a hub senior manager for one year
  • £164,000 will fund the entire estimated funding shortfall for the whole three year pilot
  • £250,000 will ensure full financial stability of the three year pilot, and kick start Norfolk on a journey to becoming the UK’s first educational nurturing city

Volunteering and gifts in kind opportunities

  • Building and maintenance opportunities
  • Decorating and furnishings
  • External play areas – access area and external hard surfaces
  • Gardening and landscaping
  • Architectural
  • Locksmiths and security/fire services
  • Management committee members
  • Provisions/grocery/refreshments
  • Classroom resources


  • 60 children will directly benefit from nurture group provision within the Hub.
  • 5,000 children and young people in schools will benefit from the Hub’s outreach services.

‘It has been estimated that, by the age of 28, the cumulative additional costs to public services for someone with conduct disorder is £62,596.’*

Through early intervention the Hub will help Norfolk and the surrounding areas save this.

  • Will support struggling parents,
  • Will reduce the call on the police and judicial system.
  • Improve the educational outcomes for a generation of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children.

*Sloan, S, Winter, K, Lynn, F, Gildea, A, Connolly, P (2016) The impact and cost effectiveness of Nurture Groups in Primary Schools in Northern Ireland. Belfast: Centre for Evidence and Social Innovation, Queen’s University Belfast.

Can you help?

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