The Boxall Profile and The BPYP

Using, collating and analysing the Boxall Profile

The Boxall Profile and The Boxall Profile for Young People are invaluable assessment tools for any staff working with vulnerable children and young people from early years through to secondary. They provide a framework for systematic assessment of those who may be struggling with a range of social, emotional and behavioural issues in a school, alternative provision or community context. Its use will provide insights into what lies behind the difficulties, a guide to effective intervention, a structure for intervention programmes and the means to monitor and measure outcomes. It also encourages consistency of response from staff groups.

Designed by educational psychologists, the Boxall Profile is arguably the best assessment tool available for profiling children and young people with emotional behavioural difficulties. With The Boxall Profile for Young People there is now a tool for secondary pupils and young people.

This course will cover:

  • The Boxall Profile – origins and development
  • Interpreting/analysing The Boxall Profile
  • Target setting using The Boxall Profile
  • Developing practical strategies and learning plans

This includes refreshments, lunch and a copy of The Boxall Profile Handbook/The Boxall Profile for Young People and Beyond the Boxall Profile/Beyond the Boxall Profile for Young People.

Upcoming courses

Course date:  This course will run again in the summer term. You can also arrange this training in your school or cluster.

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